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Come to our town and ask anyone – Childress, Texas is a great place to be.  We can go on and on with platitudes about why our town is so great, but the facts are clear:  Childress, Texas is an economically progressive center of commerce for the southeastern Texas Panhandle and its small town atmosphere makes it a fantastic place in which to raise a family.

With a healthy mix of retail business, service industries, and governmental agencies, Childress is strategically positioned at the intersections of United States Highways 287, 83, and 62.  As such, an estimated 17,000 autos travel through town each day, with Holiday shopping and travel bringing an estimated 20,000, and the highway brings people from all over the country.  These major thoroughfares make it easy for shipping goods and our mid-continent location makes the town conveniently located.

Aside from physical transportation routes, Childress also has the digital backbone for business.  Because of the democratization of the digital technologies, engineering firms, various professional services, and retail stores are taking their businesses worldwide.

Therefore, the buzz is true.  Childress is a great place to be.

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